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Meet some of the amazing wine-makers behind the

wonderful bottles adorning our shelves


Lidia Matera, Tenuta Terre Nobili

Founded in the late 1960's by Lidia's father, Ennio, this biodynamic vineyard in Sicily, Italy, strives to restore ancient species of vines and native varieties to the area.


Antonio Gismondi, La Vinicola di Antonio Gismondi

This Italian wine-maker follows a strict philosophy for his wines, grapes and only grapes! Worked by hand, without the use of  herbicides or pesticides.

Gonzalo-Gonzalo (1).jpg

Gonzalo Grijalba

The producer of our House red & white wines! These iconic bottles are made by Gonzalo in Rioja, Spain using biodynamic & natural processes in order to restore vitality to the land & vines.


Noëlla Morantin, Domaine Noëlla Morantin.

In 2008, Noëlla bought her first grapes. In 2009, she began to rent 8.5 hectares of wines. Now, in 2024, she's made quite the name for herself in the wine industry.

Judith-Beck (1).jpg

Judith Beck, Beck Vineyards

Holistic methods, herbal remedies and following the lunar calendar are only a few of the ways this Austrian vineyard is pushing the boundaries of wine-making. 


Mas de Daumas Gassac

A Family-run business since 1971, this esteemed estate in Languedoc has a fascinating story behind it...


Sébastien David, Domaine Sébastien David

Sébastien runs the family owned vineyard in the Loire Valley, France, with a passion for embracing both centuries-old traditions and new, innovative methods. 


Elisa Guérin, Guérin Family Vineyards & Elisa Guérin

Elisa is taking over her families vineyards bit by bit and inputting biodynamic techniques in order to create natural wines that are in very high-demand with vintages often selling out!

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