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Gonzalo Gonzalo Grijalba

The Gran Cerdo range are not only an excellent wines, but our House red & white!

Dedicated to the bank executives who refused to grant Gonzalo loans (because they believed that wine cannot be seized as an asset), the wines feature an image of a pig with its mouth stuffed full of money...

These wines have garnered iconic status and are an easy way to get into natural wines. 


Gonzalo Gonzalo Grijalba was born in Logroño, Spain, and grew up surrounded by the vineyards that his parents cultivated in Fuenmayor. After gaining experience in various wine-making regions around the world, and formal training in the latest techniques and practices in wine-making, he returned to establish his own project. Gonzalo is deeply committed to preserving the terroir of his family vineyards and rejects market trends, standardised formulas, chemical treatments, and conformity. Instead, he has developed his own methods that prioritize the land, vineyards, and the traditions passed down from his ancestors.

A lot of his decision-making process in this regard has been due to the illness that his father developed from years of working with chemical herbicides and pesticides. The soil itself suffered, losing its vitality and ecosystem. To counteract this, Gonzalo has dedicated himself to revitalising the vineyards and has reintroduced natural treatments and bio-dynamic practices to maintain the health of the vines, committing to low-intervention wines.

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