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Lidia Matera

Tenuta Terre Nobili is a winery founded in the late 60’s in Montalto Uffugom, a northern part of Calabria that seems to be constantly sunny, by Lidia's father Ennio. Ennio's goal was to recover the ancient species of vines of the area, and Lidia has continued this since taking the reigns in the 90's after her fathers death, with local varities such as as Magliocco Dolce, Canino and Nerello Mascalese.

Terre Nobili make big, bold wines with a depth and intensity of flavour and colour that are not easily replicated, and incredibly easy to drink! Once tried, they quickly become favourites.

We can't help but think this might be down to the passion and love Lidia has for her vines and the area which is clear in every sip.

Lidia studied and worked as an agronomist in Bologna before taking over the winery, and her deep understanding of the land is present in every bottle.

Moreover, the vineyard is completely organic, utilising biodynamic agricultural practices to make natural, low-intervention wines. To quote Lidia:


The earth is not ours but belongs to future generations, it is our duty to act in such a way as to respect and preserve it for those who come after us.


Lidia is not only a talented winemaker, but a trailblazer for the industry, especially within quite traditional southern Italy! It was not easy in the beginning for her, as a woman in the wine-making industry in the 90's she had to fight for her place and for her ideas to be heard, especially the ecological farming and low-intervention techniques. But she persevered, which is something Lidia is rightfully very proud of, due to the love she had for her father and the project they shared together. 

Ennio may have began the search and selection of native varieties of vines in order to restore this area to its previous splendor, but Lidia has brought it into the modern market with wines that are celebrated around the world for their warmth and expression of the local terroir. They are wines (and vines!) that are truely in harmony with the land.

We are very proud to have these wines at Howl and to support women in wine-making.

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