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Antonio Gismondi

Antonio Gismondi winemaker

Wine-making is a family business for Antonio. He is the oldest son from a 10th generation wine growing family with 3 hectares of vineyards situated in Cerreto Sannita in Campania, a couple of hours drive up in the hills from Naples.

Whilst his father was at the helm of the vineyards, Antonio actually ran his own pizzaria just outside Barcelona! However, he also made a little of his own natural wine on the side as a hobby and to share with friends.

Whilst in Barcelona he met Massimo Marchiori and Antonella Gerosa, two wine guru's who run Partida Creus Cellar, who helped him realise the potential of his wine, and who suggested he take it more seriously and pursue it as a career. In 2018 he took their advice! He returned to Italy and to his family's vineyards to take over from his retiring father.


The family already used biodynamic agricultural practices due to farming and harvesting in the traditional way - organic without the use of chemicals and selling to the local cooperative. But, in his time away Antonio had developed a keener understanding, and love for, natural wine, so in 2019 when he took the Gismondi wines to the market and La Vinicola di Antonio Gismondi was established, the wines took a low- intervention (or more aptly, 'no-intervention') approach.  

Antonio Gismondi's vineyard
Antonio Gismondi posing with his vines

 Antonio initiated a strict philosophy of "grapes and only grapes". He realised how he could further the practices already put in place by his family, and if you read the back labels of his bottles (and we encourage you to do so!) you'll see his philosophy written out very clearly and that there is nothing else added!

The grapes are harvested by hand, the work in the small cellar is minimal and elevage is in stainless steel tanks. Antonio may still be at the beginning of his wine making journey, but he's forging a clear path ahead! His wines are fresh and precise, and whilst production may still be small, with annual production at about 14,000 bottles, in 2021 he bought two more hectares with plans to expand even more in the future! It's definitely an exciting time for natural wine lovers and Antonio is one to follow.

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