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Elisa Guérin

In the storied region of Beaujolais, where generations of winemaking families have shaped the viticultural landscape, one trailblazer is breaking away from tradition. Meet Elisa Guerin, an extraordinary natural winemaker who is forging a new path in the world of wine. As she is being handed the reigns of the family vineyards from her father, Phillipe, she is carving out a new path for the Guerin family and their land.

Elisa Guerin with wine

The Guerin family, based in Chénas, has cultivated 4 hectares of vineyards across the revered appellations of Moulin-à-Vent and Chiroubles since the early 1900s. However, Elisa's journey sets her apart as the first generation to step beyond the boundaries of convention. Armed with a background in agronomy, Elisa has a vision of chemical-free viticulture and biodynamic farming techniques in order to create natural wines.

In 2019, Elisa took the bold step of converting the family's land to organic farming with a vision of sustainability in mind. Her dedication promises a captivating journey towards an estate completely turned over to organics. With an unwavering focus on environmental impact, Elisa aims to nurture a thriving ecosystem and preserve the integrity of her land.

Elisa's commitment to sustainability extends beyond the vines. She recognizes the value of biodiversity in creating a healthy ecosystem. To this end, she plants hedgerows and fruit trees, encouraging the coexistence of various plant and animal species. Her approach reflects a holistic understanding of winemaking's connection with nature.

Elisa is unafraid to experiment with new methods of fertilization to align with her eco-conscious ethos. Utilizing plant-based extracts and treatments, she seeks innovative solutions to complement her natural winemaking practices.

Elisa Guerin by the wine tanks
Elisa Guerin at her vineyard

Among wine enthusiasts, Elisa Guérin's wines have become a sought-after treasure. Their limited production and high demand have often led to sold-out vintages, leaving wine lovers eager for the next release. Elisa's wines have gained this reputation not only because of their exceptional quality, but because of the genuine passion and dedication that she pours into every bottle. 

Guérin's wines from the Beaujolais Villages appellation have garnered widespread acclaim. The terroir of this region, with its diverse soils and microclimates, provides a fertile ground for the Gamay grape, which is the centerpiece of Elisa's winemaking artistry. Her Beaujolais Villages wines are known for their vibrant fruit flavors, elegant structure, and a touch of earthiness that reflect the unique terroir of the area

Elisa Guerin stands as an inspiring example of a modern winemaker pioneering a new path in Beaujolais. With a focus on sustainability, organic practices, and biodiversity, she demonstrates her commitment to preserving the environment while crafting exceptional wines. As Elisa embarks on her journey, her dedication promises a bright future for her estate and the world of natural wine-making.

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